Here are a few answers to the most common questions we often get asked

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • Saturdays and Sundays are very busy so appointments are definitely advised on those days. This is so we can ensure we have a fitting room and a personal consultant available to work with you to help you find your perfect gown. At other times appointments are not as essential, however, if you are hoping to try on some gowns we would still highly recommend you giving us a call first so we can ensure we do have someone available who can assist you in the fitting process. If you are just popping in for a browse we are only too happy to welcome you anytime.

How long does it take for my dress to arrive?

  • The maximum order period for our wedding gowns is 16 weeks (4 months). Most will deliver in 12 weeks and some will do a “Rush Order” which means we can get them in about 8 weeks. We recommend having your dress here at least 6 weeks before so that alterations fittings can take place in plenty of time. Bridesmaids dresses also require a 3 month order period, although again there are some we can get in a short space of time.

Can I pay my dress off?

  • To order your dress we require a $400.00 non refundable deposit for wedding gowns and $150.00 non refundable deposit for bridesmaids and all other dresses. We will then set you up with a layby which means you can chip away at it right up until the time you need it. The layby expiry date is the date of your wedding so there is no set time frame in which you need to pay it off.

What happens when my dress arrives?

  • We will call you as soon as your dress arrives just to let you know it is here. We will then arrangean appointment for you to come in and try on your gown to ensure all is in order.

When do I need to get my alterations done?

  • We generally don’t recommend you start any alterations until around 6 weeks before the wedding as we like to ensure the best possible fit closest to the day.

Can I buy dresses off the rack?

  • Absolutely! If you love a dress that we have in stock and it fits well we are more than happy to sell it to you off the rack. We offer a 10% discount off stock dresses and we will also have it cleaned for you free of charge prior to collection. This is a great option if you are getting married in a short period of time. We also have a clearance rack of gowns that can no longer be ordered from our providers and these are offered at heavily discounted prices.

How do you determine the right size for me?

  • Each gown designer provides us with individual sizing charts. Whenever we are ordering a dress in for you we will take your measurements and order in the closest possible size according to these charts. Fine tuning and tweaking will then be done by your seamstress to ensure the perfect fit.


Appointments & Other Information

Saturdays and Sundays are very busy so appointments are definitely advised on those days. This is so we can ensure we have a fitting room and consultant available to work with you.

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